Refund and Returns Policy


If a file purchased on the website is of inappropriate quality, CGartbin can, upon verification of defect or deficiency, refund credits to customer accounts.

The foundation of reconsideration of the fact of purchasing file(s) is customer's request in the support service with the indication of his/her login, unique identification file number and reasons stating why the file(s) is (are) unsatisfactory.

The criteria in accordance to which the file(s) is (are) considered unsatisfactory are determined by the specialists of CGartbin in each case, upon agreement with the customer.
CGartbin reserves sole discretion in determining the viability of any file, and its Quality Assurance specialists will work with you to reach a fair and equitable resolution, up to and including full re fund.


Here at CGartbin, we encourage our artists to do the best job possible of presenting their products to the customers. If you feel there is either a functional problem or a misrepresentation by the product's screenshots and description.


Please contact our support department to slove the issue


Support Ticket


Note: We’ll get back to you within 4 working days of us receiving your complaint. And hope to be able to come to a resolution for you (that we’re both happy with) within 20 working days. Sometimes complaints may involve a longer investigation time. If this happens, we’ll keep you in the loop the whole way through.


Please keep in mind that we can only consider refunds on the file formats provided for sale by an artist. If you are purchasing a file for conversion, please review our Conversion Policy for clarification Format conversions Policy