Uploading a digital files

Anyone can become a member of our community, however we only accept quality-based digital 3d models, animations, mocaps, textures, images for inclusion in our database. We carefully review each application received. You may apply to become a member by registering and uploading your first files. If they are approved, you will see them on your personal account. If they are not selected for inclusion in the database, you will be notified via email, including the reason and/or suggestions for improvement. After solving the problem, you can upload them again.

Tell us about your interest as a exclusive or non exlcusive through mail system or support ticket. this may take time for enabling the extra features.

Any digital artist may request to be paid for his/her sales on cgartbin.com as soon as the balance has reached $100 and the digital artist submits a payment request from the Dashboard Area. We currently send payments by Paypal.
We ask our contributors to maintain/keep online a minimum of 70% of their approved/accepted submissions for at least 8 months.


Login go to your accounts click the dashboard icon or click the New Product for Upload Files now you can set your price and upload your 3d models, and upload render images for the gallery .

To maintain our quality of standards the first time registered seller has to get approve with our quality inspector and pass a brief examination test that will require uploading a few of your best files, simply register and upload your best work rest we will take care..

As soon as your application is accepted, your files will be available for sale on the site. Upon review, the file will be included as a one Badge 0 level file, like exlcusive or non exlcusive and other badges are depending on the quality of the 3d models, textures, images, subject,  Animation, game models, for movies and high detail digital models.

For the bulk uploads please contact the support team using our support ticket system.

Support Ticket



Before uploading a file you must make sure the following criteria are met:

- Digital media files, 3d models, images, textures, Animations, Mo- caps, plugins, dvds must be your personal work and you must own the copyright upon everything within it
- 3d models must be uploaded in 3d mesh polygonal or nurbs, or sudiv digital file format and other relative standard formats clean and ready to use in productions.
- Render images should be in jpeg or png with Resolution 72 DPI, width 800, height 795 or 800 * 800, or 1024 *1024. Render size with a minimum of 80 KB and a maximum of 220 KB Optimized jpeg.
- Gallery images: We suggest use white background nice fall of shadows, free of noise or any other artifacts for product display images. How ever its up to the seller how he wanted to present the display gallery images but make sure the image size should be above mention size.
- Image must be RGB.
- Check the digital media files, 3d models, images, texture images carefully for copyright issues, anything that is label, logo, characters from cartoons or movies, are protected.
- Check the 3d models, images for all the faults listed in this guideline
- Don't upload offensive content like explicit nudes, pornographics, people in offensive positions, racism
- Nude 3d mesh characters, textures, images must have warning sign, with atleast cover on the mesh like a white block box on the top.
- Add a relevant description to your digital media files. It must be more then 30 words and explain the quality best for productions, like movies,games or add agencies.
- Don't write the media files name and description in capital letters
- Always zip, Rar compression for your files for easy file uploads
- Please read our standard and editorial license for choosing a model criteria.
- Read carefully our Terms of use and standard license and editorial license and license from faqs information.

3d modelling rules
Always keep the mesh clean and tidy, Keep the mesh in organized naming convention related to the product in groups or layers.
Keep the mesh flow proper industry standards according to the model shape.
Mesh detailing
Never left any holes one the object always close the surface some software don't like the unclosed surface left open.
Size is matter when it comes to 3d models, It dependence on the type of formats, for example CAD file required accurate real size modelling. Always try your best to produce the models in cm. 

Mesh flow
Clean organized and proper corners and bevels. Try to keep the mesh as much as possible in quadrangles.
Keep your models for rigging use. always follow the mesh flow for pass on to rigging process.

Triangles were used for game models. Try to be accurate as much as possible,use low polygons
If you are uploading game model don't forget to upload in game categories.

Pentagonal mesh flow will have issues in some programs, we always suggest Avoid pentagonal as much as possible

Hexagonal This is very rarerly seen in the objects but try not use use hexagonal mesh flow in your models.

Always keep the UVs in single layout, For instance: A car model with multiple parts tyres, wheels, number plate and other leather parts will have single multiple shapes of UVs so here we suggest keep the UVs organized in single layout
But some time you may need couple of high resolution textures for the models.

We suggest keep the texture resolution high. Its always depends on the models. Check your renders for texture quality and see if needed add more resolution to it.
HD models may required 300 DPI 8bit, 16 bit, 32 bit with a resolution of minimum of 2048, 2K and a maximum of 8192, 8K. and file size should be minimal and optimized.
Maps: Color maps, Specular maps, dirt maps, Normal maps, Displacement maps and bump maps

Game Textures
Required attention to detail on textures, normals, displacement, bump maps, shadow maps, baked light maps.

Uploading a rigged models required a special attention and detailing.
Always rig your model anatomically and physically correct. Rigged models has to be industry standards.
Seller has to write a proper description and guide notes in the RAR to the buyers explaing how to use controls and other use full information.
mention your rigged model for proper software use and versions.

Light rigs
light rigs are useful for buyers, they can straight render out the out put with out any issues. but its not mandatory dependence on the seller gallery renders some times buyer always comes back complain render looks
different so we suggest keep your scene easy for buyer that way more likely you file would market very quickly.

Don't to mention any plug-ins where used in your project files.
Plug-in with version names in notepad. Keep the notepad in the same uploaded rar file.
And also mention this in description before buying.

We strongly recommend use a white back ground render images for all gallery display images and nice fall of shadows in photo realistic render.
We suggest this process will stand out from huge market from other competitors and also it looks very professional way of displaying images with white back ground.
We suggest all render images should be in jpeg or png with Resolution 72 DPI, width 800, height 795 or 800 * 800, or 1024 *1024. Render size with a minimum of 80 KB and a maximum of 220 KB.

See our example gallery images with nice product details.  


HDRIs, Images, Textures, Mat BGs

Use the same 3d model uploading process for uploading a HDRI, Images, Textures, Mat- bgs. Put your digital media file in rar and upload.
Need detail description about your file in the product display page.
HDRI can be group or single for sale
Images can be group or single for sale.
Textures can be group or single sale
Mat-Bgs can be group and single but this will be high resolutions.
Icons, Illustrations, Images.
can be group and single but this will be high resolution.
For DVDs Please contact the support team.
Tutorials DVDs
For DVDs Please contact the support team.