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Sell your digital files and get up to 72% Royalties for each sale of your product. The more sales you have, the higher your Seller's Level. Hence, the higher you’re Seller's Level, the bigger your royalties.Royalties starts from 60% for exclusive Contribute members and 45% for non exclusive members. Learn more


Register as Seller’s account absolutely for free and with no obligations  SIGN UP


As a member you can:

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 Highest Royalty rates and affiliates
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Unlimited Product Uploads for free and build free online digital stock files.
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User friendly Dash board and easy payment system.
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Flexible options for uploading various digital files, 3d Models, Textures, Stock Photos, HDRIs, Motion capture, Photos, Plugins, Scripts and many more.



Quality is our main goal, we are well experience in animation industry we know what our customers always want from us which is why we always check every uploaded file we make sure its industry standards and serve the customer with100% percent satisfaction.


• To maintain our quality of standards the first time registered seller has to get approve with our quality inspector and pass a brief examination test that will require uploading a few of your best files, simply register and upload your best work rest we will take care


• After successfully passed our examination test by checking all your best work, will give our confirmation and there you'll be able to upload your files to the site for sale.


All of the files you upload will be checked by our quality check inspectors, and once they pass inspections, they'll appear on the website. Starting from that moment, they are available to Buyers, and can start turning a profit!


See our guide rules for uploading digital files in two easy steps: Uploading a digital files.



A Seller who represents the interests of a company, business or group of individuals ensures that he possesses all necessary documents and permissions regarding copyrights and related rights for the File as well as the right to sell files for commercial use. Please read carefully our  Seller Contribute agreement  before contributing any files to the website



Please read carefully our  EULA and other user license conditions  of the User and seller agreement that you sign while creating a seller account, and uploading your files to website.



Seller Royalty Rate Level:


A Seller's Level is determined by the number of a Seller's files sold on our website. The more sales you have, the higher your Seller's Level. Hence, the higher you’re Seller's Level, the bigger your royalties


Royalties for Files Purchased via Pay-As-You-Go:


Our Buyers downloads after purchased files, 3d models, textures, scripts, plugins, images, photos, vector images, and others uploaded by Seller. If a file was purchased under a Standard Licenses or Editorial License  , your royalty rate will depend solely upon your Seller's Level, as follows:





Note: Royalty calculations are based not on a "standard" value of a file, but on the actual amount paid by a Buyer. If a Buyer gets a discount on the purchase, the royalties received by the Seller for the file will be based on the amount paid by the Buyer, incorporating the discount, and not the “standard” value of the file.